Wednesday, January 23, 2008

8th Day of Chemo

Cody has had 8 days of chemo. He has two more days to go for phase one. The doctors also gave him a blood transfusion yesterday. Because of all the liquids and chemo he goes through lots and lots of clothes. He usually goes through 7-8 jammies a day. He tends to retains some fluids thus he has some swelling. He needs loose clothing so it doesn't bother his shunt which is for the chemo treatments.

Cody is weary of anyone who walks through the door. If he doesn't know you he thinks you are there to poke and prod him.

Shannon tries to keep her spirits up but it is so difficult. Cody turns 11 months in two days. He is still active as he is crawling and standing. The floor is very slippery so Cody needs socks that have grippers on them.

We want to thank all the different people who have offered to get PJ's, socks and other things for Cody. It is so much appreciated by everyone. Thanks a million to all of Cody's angels and friends out there. It is so amazing how much people care that don't even know Cody.

Please continue to pray for Cody and his family. We will try to keep everyone updated and posted on how Cody is doing.