Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Update on Cody

Cody is such a little trooper. As far as Leukemia is concerned there are two kinds you could have , ALL or AML, Aml being the worse of the two.They did find out that Cody does indeed have AML....., the prognosis for children Cody's age is not good, for children 1-4 yrs old with AML they have a 23% survival rate.

Phase 1 is the first round of chemo.which started today. They will do 10 treatments in 1 month. Then they will stop and do another test and see what his count is.If there are still cancer cells they will wait a bit and then begin Phase 2 which is the 2nd round of chemo, 10 treatments for another month, stop , test again, and do Phase 3 if needed which is another round of chemo. After Phase 3 is when the decision would be made if he would need to have a bone marrow transplant.

He is scheduled to be in the hospital for the next 6 weeks, but it could be up to 6 months. Because his immune system would be down, he is likely to catch many things, but it would not be from others necessarily , but from himself and the bacteria that his own body creates, he won';t be able to fight them. His blood type is O+ and they are looking into what can be done to have people tested as possible donors for the bone marrow if needed.

A normal child/ person should have a white blood cell count around 7500, when Cody went into the hospital for testing his count was at 70, by Tuesday his white blood cell count was at 125.The good piece of news was that when they did his spinal test there were no cancer cells found there so that means there is no cancer in his organs or body cells, so that is good.

Please continue to pray for Cody and his family. It's so hard to imagine such a little guy fighting for his life..I will have a picture tomorrow and will post it so you have a picture of him when you pray for him. Thanks so much for all of your prayers..