Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Prayers for Cody

I want to ask all of you if you would pray for a little baby who has been diagnose with Leukemia. Cody Oldham is 10 1/2 months old. He is a first baby to Shannon and Dana Oldham. They are taking this real hard.Cody hasn't been feeling well for quite some time. Shannon his Mom had to take him to the emergency room ...They finally diagnosed him with Leukemia.

They are to be back at the hospital for 9am Monday morning. They will be doing the bone marrow test at that time and will get results on Tuesday as to what kind of Leukemia it is and what stage it is at. Once they know this they will begin the first round of chemotherapy for 6 weeks. There is a possibility that Cody could not return home for 6months once they begin. It is very serious when an infant of Cody's age gets Leukemia. They do not know how long he has had it and the doctor said it would be pretty difficult to determine that.

The doctor said he has a 50/50 chance at this point.It sounds like the doctor is very honest and forthright with them. The doctor told them that the test will be sent to New Mexico and Maryland-to John Hopkins for results. The Barbara Bush hospital in Portland works hand in hand with St. Jude, John Hopkins and Dana Farber providing the same treatment that they do at their facilities so Cody is in great care there and the doctor said if he felt they needed to be elsewhere he would send them.

The swelling around Cody's eyes and his full body rash have most likely been caused by the amoxocylin they had given for his sinus infection last week. He is no longer on meds for that as they will not help. His belly is tender in spots, his face hurts as well to touch, they noticed some swelling in his legs along the sock line, so there are symptoms appearing and as the doctor gave them more possible symptoms of Leukemia, they were able to connect a few , like his excessive sweating and easy bruising, etc...There are two possible types of Leukemia, one much worse than the we'll keep praying for the best possible outcome in this situation.So please, please keep them in your prayers.

He is such a sweet and adorable little baby boy. So please pray for Cody and his family and the doctors.